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Job: Firefighter/ Paramedic

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Firefighter/ Paramedic
Feb. 1, 2019
City of Coalinga

Under the general supervision of a Fire Captain, fights fires, mitigates hazardous materials emergencies and staffs ambulances in the protection of life and property; participates in fire prevention activities and fire company inspections; operates and maintains fire apparatus, fire pumps, firefighting/rescue equipment and ambulances; supervises ambulance operations while on emergency calls; and performs other duties as assigned.

• Rescues persons endangered by fire or other hazards.

• Provides treatment for victims at the scene of an emergency and during transport to a hospital via ground and/or air ambulance.

• Renders advanced and basic life support services consistent with Fresno County Emergency Paramedic policies and procedures.

• Maintains communication with designated base station hospitals; carries out orders of the emergency room personnel in the administration of drugs, narcotics, medications, intravenous (IV) solutions and related emergency measures in treating life-threatening medical disorders.

• Maintains records and make reports concerning emergency medical care procedures.

• Participates in required training programs.

• Responds to alarms, lays hose lines, holds nozzles to direct stream of water on fires and assists in the operations of engine pumping equipment.

• Raises, lowers and climbs ladders; performs roof top ventilation; conducts overhaul, salvage and clean-up operations.

• Assists in the mitigation of emergencies involving hazardous materials.

• Maintains fire trucks, engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

• Operates communication equipment on vehicles and/or in stations.

• Answers general questions from the public; assists in community projects and programs.

• Cleans stations, quarters and equipment; maintains a clean and orderly condition in and about the fire station and associated grounds.

• Studies Fire Department rules and regulations.

• Participates in fire hazards, fire prevention inspections and weed abatement duties.

• Responds to fire calls and other emergencies during non-duty hours when required.

• May serve as acting Fire Engineer on a temporary assignment.

• Drives a fire truck, engine or other fire apparatus if qualified.

• Sometimes works over-time or irregular hours.

• Wears a uniform; maintains a clean and neat appearance.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

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Justin B. and Jeffrey D. found a Paramedic job! Good luck, go help some people and save some lives!

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