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Title Employer State County City Age
Advanced EMT 4 Dyersburg Ambulator... TN Dyer Dyersburg 2 hrs
Paramedic Superior Ambulance MI Macomb Warren 5 hrs
EMT-B Superior Ambulance IL Kane Batavia 5 hrs
Flight Paramedic - ... Air Methods SD Pennington Rapid City 6 hrs
Emergency Medical T... Lifeguard Ambulance... AL Jefferson Birmingham 7 hrs
Ambulance Billing C... Lifeguard Ambulance... AL Morgan Decatur 7 hrs
Paramedic Part-Time AMR TN Davidson Nashville 8 hrs
CCT Paramedic - FT Envision TX Harris Houston 8 hrs
EMS Chief County of Mono (Ope... CA Mono Bridgeport 8 hrs
Fire Inspector (Ful... Hendersonville Fire... NC Henderson Hendersonville 8 hrs

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