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Title Employer State County City Age
Firefighter/ Paramedic City of Monona WI Dane Monona 1 hrs
Patient Care Assistant Indiana University ... IN Tippecanoe Lafayette 13 hrs
EMT-B or Paramedic ... Medcor NV Clark Henderson 18 hrs
Paramedic Life Ems Ambulance MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 21 hrs
Medical Assistant A... Mercy Health Corpor... WI Walworth Williams Bay 21 hrs
Paramedic Lincoln County NC Lincoln Lincolnton 1 days
Entry Level and Lat... Camas-Washougal Fir... WA Clark Camas 1 days
Emergency Departmen... White County KS Labette Parsons 1 days
Medical Assistant 1 Mercy Health Corpor... WI Rock Janesville 1 days
Tech EKG Emanuel Medical Center CA Stanislaus Turlock 1 days

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